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Pieces of Italia

Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Rome & the tiny towns in between.  It resides in my heart.VIEW »

The last few months

It’s been a long time since I’ve written in this box.  Blogging is a luxury I’ve realized, and withVIEW »

Stacy + Chris | Columbus Wedding

It happens all the time.  One photo, that’s all I was going to share.  But then I couldn’t decide, yadaVIEW »

Brittany | Fierce

When a gorgeous woman wants you to help her build her modeling portfolio, the answer is always yes… hail yes.VIEW »

Cherrish + Aaron | Baby love

To know Cherrish is to know a face that’s always smiling, a sweet voice that’s always speaking positivityVIEW »

Alysha & Jeremy | Lexington Wedding Love

Gorgeous couple Alysha & Jeremy were married last August in a private ceremony.  But on this perfect June day, aVIEW »

Abby + Ryle | Montana Engagement

It started in a Lexington Panera Bread, with Abby and I silently getting excited about the idea of shooting theirVIEW »

Haley + Skyler | Engagement | Lexington, KY

I was in awe of Haley as soon as she stepped out of the classic Bentley they brought along for the shoot.  She wasVIEW »